Car Donation – Contract


Before thinking about donating a car you have to be with the car’s documentation to be donated, regularized.

Then, choose a charity that is legalized. Who donates  is  insurance that is doing donating car to charity would be.

The donee (called who receives) must accept the donation. The donation of a car (provided that it is of little value) can be performed by means of a private document signed by both parties. Otherwise, the contract should be in front of a notary and witnesses.

The Termination of the Contract of donation of cars can be through the agreement to withdrawal from both parties. However, there is one exception: revocation can be made to the Court, by ingratitude – When the donee has committed serious crimes against the donor and their relatives – and occurrence of children. This way, once you’ve made a donation, can no longer go back.

It is interesting to make a contract for the donation of cars. For what  parties involved  secure the agreement made.

The information that needs to be able to make a Contract of Donation, include the following items:

  • Detailed identification and designation of the contracting parties ( donor and the

donee ) .

  • Indicate the date and place of the donation contract .
  • The donor declare the willingness to donate the car.
  • The donor must declare the full ownership of the donation, or in this case, the car.
  • Identify the donations of items of identification data: make and model of car, year of

manufacture, registration number and so on.

  • It is very important – for the tax payment – the donor statement on the degree of

kinship with the donee and the number made of their donations

  • The grantee should declare that it accepts the donation.
  • Inform the deadline in for the issuance of a donation .
  • The commitment of the beneficiary for any costs related to the donations made .
  • Signatures of the parties to the contract : donor and donee .

Legalized form of donating cars generates benefits of tax deduction. Also , the greatest satisfaction is to help those in need.


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