Eight tips on donating car


Types of organization that can be charity

Some institutions – non-profit – such as schools, organizations, agencies caring for needy people or abandoned animals, churches can be charity.

Types of charities that accept car donations

The Red Cross and the Volunteers of America –  accept the donation of cars and assume full responsibility for resale.

The 1-800-Charity Cars –  renovate the car  and after donate to people in need.

Another type are the charities that do not have infrastructure to resell the cars and provides them at auctions at a fixed rate.

The benefits of donating a car

The satisfaction of helping a charity.

The tax benefit.

To dispose of the possession of a car no longer use.

How to know if the Charity Institution is legalized

The best way to check the status of a charity is to consult the Office of the Attorney General of the State or through the secretary of State. Some states have control over records of charities. Thus, referring to the tax-exempt status.

Car Donation Programs

Several are car donation programs. Most offers advice to donors to facilitate the donation process.

Common Intermediates

Dealers of used vehicles.

Auction houses.

Donor responsibilities

Choose a charity that best meets your goals.

Know how the charity uses the donated car.

Make sure that the maximum benefit goes to your charity chosen.

Determine the fair market value of the donated car.

Transfer the title of the donated car.

Insurance required for donation.

Make sure that the charity is a 501 (c) (3). Benefit from tax deduction.

Take a picture of the car that is donating and keep the receipt from the charity.

Responsibility of Charity institution

Issue a detailed receipt (description of the vehicle) to the car dono.

All costs related to donation.

Inform the donor the value of the vehicle resale.

Determine where the funds generated by the car donation will be used.

As we can see, it is not easy  make a donation of cars for a charity. But, all the work is worth to know that we can help others.



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