Some steps to donate a car to an institution.

The act to donate is very enjoyable, revitalizes almost all people. It is great to know that a simple act can help in very someone. In some countries in the world is a very common practice of donating cars. This type of donation is beneficial, both for the giver as to who receives donation.

How? Who donates can get rid of a good that has no more useful, the satisfaction of helping someone and deduction of IR. And who receives enjoys the well assigned or sells it. It is advisable to make a contract for the donation of the good to be donated to the parties involved to be secured the agreement done.

Some important steps to consider:

1 step to make a  donation is must have the full capacity to act and the real desire to make a donation;

 2 step is to check the charity institution accepts the donation of the car directly to it, without intermediation of third parties;

3 step is to confirm whether the institution of charity be legalized to receive tax deductible contributions;

4 step is to make sure that the charity institution  provide the receipt relating to car donated;

11998714_523762267780139_965133887_n5 step is to make a record of the value of the car documented donated and keep it;

6 step is to receive the charity institution a certificate stating how you will use the car donated;

7 step is to photograph the car donated and save the receipts;

8 step, the donor of the car should be aware that it is obliged to valorise the car and take the penalties, if IRS find some irregularity;

9 step is  donor receive the maximum tax deduction on car donation, and the charity receive the full value of the car if  sell, or use the car in their work helping people in need;

10 step the donor must verify whether the money that a charity receives by sale of donations of car goes to the work of charity.


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